Medical and Nutrition

Medical and Nutrition

A GEMS Nursery in Dubai that instills the rich knowledge of the importance of good health and wellbeing

Discovering the value of good health and nutrition from a young age can help shape how children choose to become actively involved in taking care of themselves. Little Learners Nursery provides our little learners with all of the information they need to live a healthy life in an exciting, upbeat and enjoyable way.

Dietary Health

  • Our gemstones (young learners) are provided food that meets their health and dietary needs
  • Learning about food and the value of vitamins, minerals and nutrients teaches our gemstones how eating well can be achieved with colourful meals that have lots of texture

Table manners

  • Please, thank you, excuse me and 'may I' are used at all times, however, their importance is reinforced at meal times
  • Our gemstones sit at little tables with their peers and are encouraged to practice their best table manners


  • From 1 years old, our gemstones are taught the importance of cleanliness at mealtimes - it all begins with clean hands
  • All utensils and surfaces are always cleaned before use and throughout the day

Important things to know

  • Our staff are trained to care for babies and toddlers, including paediatric first aid
  • Strict 'no nuts' policy
  • Please inform the nurse if your child has any religious or dietary needs or allergies

If you would like to speak with the Little Learners Nursery nurse or one of our team members about our approach to health and nutrition, please call 04 348 6260.