Welcome message from the Advisory Principal

Read the message from Jade Peter-Swain

Our name and our logo symbolise our belief that every child is a GEM... precious and unique, ready to shine and achieve his or her hopes and dreams.

We value and cherish our children in Little Learners Nursery just as they are at home by providing individual care and attention. We re-enforce that each child:

  • has special talents;
  • has limitless potential;
  • is unique - there is no other child exactly the same in the entire world.

We value parents’ trust in allowing us to provide the education and care that will enable their children to grow, learn and be ready for a bright future.

We cater to the needs of families by providing an extended day and year with our summer, winter and spring camps. Little Learners Nursery is located in the heart of Jumeriah and is open 5 days per week, 48 weeks per year.

Little Learners Nursery is designed to the highest levels of safety and security.

Routines, comfortable sleep and rest areas and a healthy approach to food and nutrition ensure that children are provided with the key elements needed for healthy growth and development.

Children look forward to coming every day to experience fun, exciting and inspirational early childhood learning.

Parents can relax knowing that their children are in the best possible setting for their learning, development and all round happiness.

Jade Peter-Swain
Advisory Principal