Admissions Process

How to begin your child's journey...

Terms and Process for Admission

  • Parents/Guardians complete the registration form and pay a non refundable, non adjustable, non transferable registration fee.
  • If there is available space, the parents/guardians/child are invited for an assessment. Following the assessment, a place may be offered. If the parent/guardian accepts the place, a date for paying the fees and any additional charges, starting date and induction is confirmed. If the fees and additional charges are not paid by the agreed date, the place will be offered to another child on the waiting list.
  • If there is not a space available, the child will be placed upon a waiting list. Priority will be given to children who have a sibling attending the setting or a GEMS school.

If a child has additional learning needs that require a level of support that is above what is normally provided by the setting, such support will incur an additional charge. Any such charge will be agreed with the parent prior to implementation, invoiced with the fees and reviewed termly.

Documents required for registration are:

  • 2 copies of your child’s passport, plus UAE entry stamp and/or Residency vise page;
  • 2 copies of your child’s Emirates Id (back & front)
  • 2 copies of parent’s /legal guardian’s passport plus UAE entry stamp and/or Residency Visa page;
  • 2 copies of parent’s/ legal guardian’s Emirates Id (back & front)
  • 6 recent passport photographs (on photographic paper please);
  • Full details of any special educational needs and provision including any professional reports e.g. Educational Psychologist’s report. It is essential that a full health and educational history is presented prior to a place being offered;
  • 2 copies of your child’s birth certificate (residents of some countries must produce an attested copy);
  • Full details of all vaccinations and immunizations of your child
  • Student school records (if child has attended another pre-school/child care program)
  • 1 passport photo of each parent
  • 1 passport photo of any identified authorized pick up, domestic carer or driver

If you would like to apply for admission for your child, please click here.