Frequently Asked Questions

A list of common questions asked and our answers

What are the class sizes for each year group?

  • Amethysts ( 1 to 2 years): 8 children on a ratio of 1:4
  • Sapphires ( 2 to 3 years): 22 children on a ratio of 1:6
  • Emeralds (3 to 4 years): 48 children on a ratio of 1:8

How many sections are there per year group?

  • One section only for Amethysts and Sapphires.
  • Emeralds (FS1) has two sections.

What are the school hours?

  • Normal hours are 8 am to 3 pm.
  • Extended care provision is available with an early drop off at 7:30 am and late pick up at 4 pm

What is the total capacity of the school?

Our total capacity is 78 children

When do the extra-curricular activities start?

ECA’s usually run from 3 pm to 4 pm and are offered subject to parent demand each term.
Some ECA’s such as Dubai Drums are included in the normal hours i.e. 8 am to 3 pm

What additional activities/trips can the children get involved in?

Children do have the opportunity to take various Learning Journeys to:

  • The Beach Park
  • The Journey, Kite Beach
  • Dubai Garden Center
  • The Fire Station
  • Our local supermarket and lots more…
  • We are have in house activities, such as:
    • Posh Paws petting farm
    • Drama performances by professional groups
    • Dental Day and free check ups
    • Fitness Week
    • Book Week
    • End of year performances
    • International Fair
    • National Day Celebrations etc.

What type of assessments are used? How long are the assessments?

We conduct a play assessment for Sapphires and Emeralds children. The session lasts approximately an hour. It is designed to give children a comfortable experience in our classes, in order for us to determine if we can support their needs. Parents are welcome to be present in the room, if required.

What languages are available and when do the children start a language?

All age groups have Arabic sessions twice a week. We also offer an introduction into World Languages that have been integrated into our circle times and parent volunteer sessions.

What are the nationalities of the teachers?

We are an international setting and have a diverse set of staff that match with our diverse student population of over 20 nationalities. All our Lead Practitioners hold a CACHE Level 3 diploma, while our Support Practitioners are CACHE Level 1 qualified.

What is the provision for SEN children?

We do accept children with additional needs, however, if extra support is required, parents are requested to provide a shadow teacher. It is important for us to meet with the family prior to admission, as we must ensure we can effectively support the child’s needs. Also, since we are a villa converted setting, it is important for us to assess the viability of our set up. For example, we are unable to accommodate children in a wheelchair. 

Who is the Head of Setting?

Our Head of Setting is Shefali Mathur, who oversees daily operations and is based at the nursery full time. She is happy to meet with prospective parents on tours.

What are the main facilities?

Our learning environment is carefully designed to encourage enquiry, experimentation, imagination and creativity. Children’s welfare and safety are extremely important to us and we ensure that we meet local health and safety requirements and best practice standards in the early years.

We are a homely villa setting, based in the Al Manara residential neighborhood with easy access to Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Wasl Road. We host a large outdoor play area with multiple opportunities for play based learning, including a splash area, mud café, construction and sand area, music wall, number wall, soccer cum car and bike track and slides/play equipment. Children can benefit from our literacy area and reading tent outdoors too, in addition to our engaging and communication friendly indoor spaces.

How will the nursery prepare children for school?

We prepare children for the ‘big school’ and ensure they are school ready. There is great focus on the emotional and social development of the child. We also work on their independence and self-care routines. Our holistic programme ensures that children are developmentally ready to enter FS2/KG1, regardless of the curriculum they join.

Is transport available?

Transport service are provided by Modern Star Passenger Transport, our service provider. Speak to our Registrar for more details.

Is catering available?

Catering services are provided by PH7, our service provider. Speak to our Registrar for more details.

Where can I get the school uniform?

Uniforms are mandatory at the nursery and can be purchased from the Threads Store in Sunset Mall. Please follow this link to the location map:

Are holiday programmes available?

We offer holiday programmes during term breaks in December, April and July. Speak to our Registrar for more details.